Tour Dates

July 31 Newport Jazz Festival, Yosvany Terry Quintet. Rhode Island

October 6-9 Rufus Reid Quartet Jazz Standard


Jan. 6-12 Ancestral Memories Recording. Brooklyn, New York. Systems Two

January 26 Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg. WV. Yosvany Terry Afro-Cuban Sextet

January 27 Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA. Yosvany Terry Afro-Cuban Sextet

January 28 Modlin Center for the Arts, Univ. Richmond Yosvany Terry Afro-Cuban Sextet

February 7 Fashionable Muses, FIT New York Bohemian Trio

February 15 National Sawdust, NY. Bohemian Trio CD release party. 9:30pm

March 4-5 The Carnival on the Mile, Miami Yosvany Terry Quintet 6:00pm

March 10 Talk at David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard Univ. Cambridge.

March 11 National Sawdust, NY. Innova Show-Case Bohemian Trio 7:30pm

April 8 Sanders Theater, Harvard Univ. Cambridge. Cassandra Wilson & Harvard Jazz Band. 7:30

April 15 Presenting the Aña, Bata Concert, Harvard Univ. Cambridge

April 16 Dudley Band, Harvard Univ. Cambridge. Dudley Jazz Band

April 20 Norfolk, Virginia. Yosvany Terry Quintet.

April 22 SF Jazz, San Francisco. Special guest with Omar Sosa

April 30 Arts First, Harvard Univ. Cambridge. Yosvany Terry Quintet 2:00pm

May 5 Princeton University, NJ.  Yosvany Terry Quintet

May 6 Brooklyn College, NY.  Yosvany Terry Quintet

June 2-9 Tour in Cuba. Harvard Jazz Band

June 11 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Vermont. Yosvany Terry Quartet.

July 26 Lincoln Center Festival, NY. Bohemian Trio Kaplan Pent House

July 28 Vannes Festival, France Yosvany Terry & Baptiste Trotignon quartet Ancestral Memories Quartet’s/events/1153327-jazz-en-ville—baptiste-trotignon-quartet–featuring-yosvanyterry

Aug. 1-3 Duc des Lombard in Paris, France. Yosvany Terry & Baptiste Trotignon Ancestral Memories Quartet

Aug. 4 Marcic Jazz Festival, France Yosvany Terry & Baptiste Trotignon Quartet

Aug. 26-Sept. 4 New Docta Festival. Cordoba, Argentina. Bohemian Trio

Oct. 26-29 Jazz Standard, NY Yosvany Terry & Ancestral Memories quartet

Nov. 11 Harvard Jazz Band Feat; Jeff “Tain” Watts Lowell Recital Hall at Harvard Univ. Cambridge. MA

NOv. 15 Kimmel Center, Philadelphia. Yosvany Terry Quartet